More Leaves of Grass

index of poems

James Bell
Among the thrills and spills of meaning that came from you - The full noon trill
John Carley
observing   a spear of summer grass - two zips
Helen Clare
none of them mine: the light green soap - These rooms are full of purfumes
Gerald England
I will go to the bank by the atmosphere - I will go to the bank (post-modern sonnet)
this atmosphere is not a perfume - This atmosphere is not a perfume
Maryann Hazen-Stearns
The song of me rising from bed - There I go
Sally James
The smoke of my breath haunts me - The smoke of my breath
The smell of his perfume - Odours of Love
Terrie Relf
She calls heaven by secret names - She-Who-Calls-the-Wind
Joe Warner
We met and almost passed - Love's Distillate
Walt Whitman
I celebrate myself - original lines from Song of Myself
Calaya J Williams
Dark-colored sea-rocks breathe - Hard to Sea
Naked birch, spruce and cottonwood - Song of Us
Matthew John Williams
respiration and inspiration - haiku