More Leaves of Grass

I will go to the bank

(a postmodern sonnet based on the words of Walt Whitman)

Gerald England

I will go to the bank by the atmosphere
                      for my heart's sake;
I am mad for to be in contact with
                      the smoke of my mouth forever;
The passing of blood and inspiration
                       is for my respiration and naked;
I am in love with me.

The passing of the atmosphere
                       is for my mouth forever.
The smoke of the wood and air
                      through my heart,
I am mad for my respiration and naked,
                      I am mad for my heart;
I will go to the beating of my heart
                       to the passing of blood
And become undisguised and
                      naked ripples.

The wood and air through my own breath,
                      silkthread, buzzed whispers,
Loveroot, crotch and inspiration
I will go to the wood
                      with air through my heart.
Echoes of my lungs beating
                      crotch and vine,
I will go to the beating of blood
                      and become undisguised and naked.