More Leaves of Grass

Song of Us

Calaya J Williams

Naked birch, spruce and cottonwood
felled across a midnight sky-lake, stared, gazed
through a band of star light. I swayed
limbs shivering, and wondered if the trees knew
whose breath held up the mountains.

I marvelled that they did not seem afraid, let
my breath expire into a brown foothill, rush
across the Tannana Valley, surround the sky-lake trees
whisper under roots. And they inspired me
as if I were an animating source and they a vital principle

hushing us, gazing bands of star light, us

wavering particles shifting into body worlds, us

galaxies in generations of galaxies, us

star sounds set to animal poems, us

planet songs set to suns, us

minds to moon swelling, us

wagging as the supple boughs wag . . .
endlessly rewriting.