about poetropical

This website is put together by Matthew John Williams (matt). Matt was born in Taunton, England a long time ago and after a long sojourn in Deptford, London now lives in Brighton, Sussex.

 Matthew John Williams
matt, 2006

His poems have been published on paper, eg by the University of Liverpool, The Wolf magazine, and on the web, eg in the United States of America for National Poetry Month 2001. Some of his writing is collected here in matt's poetry notebook.

This website reflects his poetry interests and is a service to his memory, which is a sieve when it comes to retracing valuable content on the web. If you find it engaging, useful even, many thanks for stopping by. The website is also intended to make a point about the value of simplicty and using a legible text size.

You can contact matt on matt@poetropical.co.uk.