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Akan praises of hunters

The hunter will go: he will bring meat
The hunter walks alone: but he is brave
The heel of the elephant is strong
Strong is the heel of the hunter.

The hunter has killed
And tears are very near his eyes
O Suadomo
The entangling creepers lie upon you
Lie upon you, are you going to move them?

Vagrant child of the eagle goes about performing brave deeds
The rousing servant of the community who kills big game
May father please tell me when he expects to return
That I might ready some food for him.

The great gun, my soul:
Father's long gun is my soul
Great gun is my soul, my soul
Long-barreled gun is my soul.

Is the chief greater than the hunter?
Arrogance!  Hunter?  Arrogance!
That pair of beautiful things on your feet
The sandals you wear
It is the hunter who killed the duiker
The sandals are made of duiker-hide
Does the chief says he's greater than the hunter?
Arrogance!  Than the hunter?   Arrogance!
That noisy entourage of yours
The drums preceeding you -
Hunter killed the elephant
Elephant provided ear for your drumhead
Does the chief say he's greater than the hunter
Arrogance!  Than the hunter?   Arrogance!