matt's poetry pocketbook:
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George Gascoigne

'And if I did, what then?
   Are you aggrieved therefore?
The sea hath fish for every man,
   And what would you have more?'

Thus did my mistress once
   Amaze my mind with doubt;
And popped a question for the nonce,
   To beat my brains about.

Whereto I thus replied:
   'Each fisherman can wish
That all the seas at every tide
   Were his alone to fish.

'And so did I, in vain;
   But since it may not be,
Let such fish there as find the gain
   And leave the loss for me.

And with such luck and loss
   I will content myself,
Till tides of turning time may toss
   Such fishers on the shelf.

'And when they stick on sands,
   That every man may see,
Than will I laugh and clap my hands,
   As they do now at me.'