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Poems of Matthew John Williams
Promise of rain - The trees blinding the sun
Ithaca after C P Cafavy - Leave me no photographs, leave me nothing
New Year's Day - You sleep away your acid head, and I
Song for a shy boy - The boy on the street wearing long string vest
biscuit/Empire - Here the rambled hands of shipwrights, misters
African poetry
I research and maintain a list of African poetry on the Internet
Guillaume Apollinaire
New translation of Étoile - Je songe à Gaspard ce n'est certainement pas / Son vrai nom il voyage il a quitté la ville : I dream of Gaspard (not his real name) traveling; / he's left the town
New translation of Le Pont Mirabeau - Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine : Under Mirabeau Bridge runs the Seine
New translation of Les Fenêtres - Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt : from red to green all yellow dies
Poems: living authors, dead poets, anonymous and traditional and sometimes comments.

A treefrogHonoured treefrogs - poets you never knew: Barry MacSweeney, Alan Paton.

Prairie grassesMore Leaves of Grass - new poems beginning from Whitman's Song of Myself

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